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Madeira. Tão tua

Nature, traditions and adventure

Real Vision, together with the Madeira Promotion Bureau, has a range of activities for you that could turn your stay on our marvellous island into one of the most incredible and unforgettable ever.
Discover Madeira


In the archipelago of Madeira, you can hire a boat to experience this destination’s maritime life in whatever way you choose.
You have the choice of boats available to hire with or without a crew. Madeira is the ideal destination for lovers of nautical activities. This archipelago is gifted with the most diverse maritime attractions that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.


Go canyoning in Madeira and you will feel an incredible surge of adrenalin while exploring a stream and getting past the diverse obstacles along the way using a variety of techniques.
This activity is an exciting challenge to explore a stream or vertiginous watercourse. Vertical and aquatic obstacles are overcome using various techniques like climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming.
Vinho Madeira


Madeira was discovered in 1419 by the Portuguese, and twenty-five years later, they were already exporting wine from the island to various locations in Europe. For this reason, the quality of Madeira wine has been recognised worldwide for nearly 600 years.
Madeira Wine is still produced today; a unique fortified wine which is very much appreciated everywhere.
But great still wines are also produced, more commonly known as table wines.

Sustainability, Authenticity and Elegance

Protecting the authenticity of the island with sustainability, integration, elegance and comfort.